Harmonic Filter

Tuned Filter

Approx Price: Rs 250 / Piece 
Product Details:
  • Material: copper or aluminium , type of core CRGO,
  • Size: as per customer requirements

Detuned Harmonic Filter: Detuned filter are used, in supply networks having a high level of harmonic distortion, when the final objective is reactive power compensation at the fundamental frequency. Their purpose is to avoid the harmonic currents overload to the capacitors by diverting them to the mains. Protection filters are made by connecting reactors in series with capacitors, in such a way that the tuning frequency of the whole unit is set at a value between the fundamental frequency and the frequency of the lowest present harmonics, which is usually the 5th order harmonic. In this the filter has a high inductive impedance for all the harmonic frequencies.

Technical Specification of Detuned Harmonic Filter :
Rated voltage of the main230 / 400 V
Frequency50 Hz
Rated Voltage of the Capacitor260 / 460 V
Filter typeLow tuning
Resonance frequency189 Hz (7%)
Inductance tolerance± 3 %
Maximum Harmonics Overload0.35 In
ConstructionINA: Aluminium
INR: Copper
Thermal protectionBy thermostat
ConnectionAluminium Bus Bar
Degree Of ProtectionINR: IP 20
Category of temperatureClass F(155 0C)
StandardsIEC 60289, EN 60289

MOQ 5 kvar

INA/INR reactors are designed to work in supply systems with a high level of harmonic distortion in such a way that they allow a safe and reliable service of the power factor detuned, so that, the whole unit has an inductive are specially designed to work in series with FMF capacitors correction equipments. Reactors are connected in series with power capacitors, forming a resonant circuit conveniently.Connection of a reactor in series with a power capacitor, makes the capacitor to work at a voltage higher than the supply voltage. Because of this, capacitors need to be connected to protection reactors and need to be designed to work at higher voltages than standard capacitors. The choice of the tuning point of the filters is to balance between the quantity of harmonics rejected by the filter and the voltage increase produced in the capacitor at the fundamental frequency.It is to be also kept in mind that reactive power supplied by the filter at rated frequency (50 or 60 Hz), is different to the one that the capacitor would supply without the reactor. Taking all the above into account, the reactor is normally chosen in such a way that its impedance is about 7% of the impedance of the capacitor that protects. This will give a tuning frequency, for example at 50 Hz, of 189 Hz. Other tuning frequencies are also available.

Third Harmonic Filter

Approx Price: Rs 300 / Piece 
Product Details:
  • Size: as per customer requirements

Third Harmonic Filter is basically passive filters with a parallel combination of inductance and condenser. The advantages of third harmonic filter are:

  • Reduction of the third overtone until a 90%.
  • Significant Reduction of other overtones.
  • Reduction current of neutral absorbed.
  • Reduction of losses in the installation.
  • Reduction of the interferences.
  • Improvement of the power factor.


    Filter HBF-T has to be selected in agreement with the current of the breaker that protects the circuit. They are connected in the neutral conductor of the three-phase installation, and it is possible to be seen in scheme 1.

    MOQ 25 kvar

    Technical Characteristics
    Phase-neutral tensionUp to 750 V
    Frequency50 / 60Hz
    (IR)Nominal current (IR)6-100A
    Current max. transitory(1 min.of each 10 min.)
    ConstructionMetal Cabinet
    Degree of protectionIP 00/IP21
    Color/ColourGris/Grey RAL 7035
    Temperature range-10º C 50ºC
    Relative humidity95%

    Passive Harmonic Filter

    Approx Price: Rs 1,100 / Piece 
    Product Details:
    • Material: As per customer required
    • Size: as per customer requrement

    Passive Harmonic Filter are used on distribution networks which have a high THD (Total harmonic distortion), when the final target is to compensate the power factor at the fundamental frequency.Its purpose is to avoid overloads due to harmonic currents in the capacitor, deflecting them to the network.Protection filters are made with serial reactors and capacitors. The tuned frequency of each unit is adjusted between the fundamental and the lower harmonic present in the net, which usually is the 5 th order.In this way, the filters present high inductive impedance for all the harmonic frequencies.


    • High performance
    • Excellent finishing
    • Highly reliable

    MOQ 100 kvar

    Detuned Harmonic Filter

    Approx Price: Rs 180 / Unit 
    Product Details:
    • Material: Copprt wire and MS
    • Size: as per customer requirements
    • Voltage: 380 V

    We are among the leading names in the industry for supplying Detuned Harmonic Filter. The offered filter is exceptional in terms of quality as made in sync with the industrial standards and the prevalent market trends. It is installed in electrical circuits for improving the power factor for maintaining a steady flow of current through circuits. This component can be supplied in bulk owing to our spacious warehousing.


    • High performance
    • High Pass Filter
    • Longer service life

    MOQ 5 kvar

    LT Detuned Harmonic Filters

    Approx Price: Rs 250 / Piece 
    Product Details:
    • Material: CRGO , Aluminium & Copper winding
    • Size: as per customer requirement

    We have gathered huge recognizance by manufacturing and supplying highly demanded LT Detuned Harmonic Filters. Specially designed to suppress the levels of harmonic current, our offered LT detuned- filters are best suited for commercial buildings and hospitals. Further, our offered filters are equipped with highest quality components that lower the harmonic current distortion and increase the system efficiency at a competitive cost.


    • Space saving design
    • User friendly operation
    • Maintenance free life

    MOQ 5 kvar

    Harmonic Filter

    Approx Price: Rs 700 / Piece 
    Product Details:
    • Size: as per load of end user

    Harmonic Filters are used to Mitigate the Harmonic Levels.We are instrumental in wholesaling and supplying a wide range of Harmonic Filters. These filters are most suitable for those networks, which are highly prone to excessive harmonics. The Active Harmonic Filters offered by us guarantee highly effective compensation even in the presence of highly asymmetrical loads.


    • Excellent finishing
    • High performance
    • High Pass Filter

    MOQ 50 kvar

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